How To Reduce EMF Exposure and Improve Your Health

With all the electronics in our homes, we are constantly surrounded by harmful EMFs. The Somavedic device is the best way to protect your family from radiation and create a grounding, restorative atmosphere to your home or office.
It  is an EMF mitigation device that utilizes frequency therapy to block Electromagnetic Field Radiation and eliminates the influence of 4G/5G,  EMF, geopathic zones (stress), and free radicals.

EMF radiation comes from our mobile phones, cell phone towers and our wifi routers, and according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, they’re possibly carcinogenic to humans. A study published in Environmental Health suggests EMFs may cause changes to DNA.

Somavedic is a device that can reliably mitigate unwanted influences of:
  • EMF radiation (4G/5G, WiFi, phones)
  • Geopathic stress, water crosses (which can affect health)
  • Curry and Hartmann lines
  • Oxidative stress / Free radicals
  • Free Radical Neutralization (free radicals lead to oxidative stress, and eventually cell and tissue damage)
  • Water Structuring and Harmonization

Various studies show that the coherent field created by a Somavedic positively affects our cells, lowers free radicals and improves cell regeneration, heart rate variability (HRV), and blood pressure. What many people have claimed to see as a result of using a Somavedic is less brain fog, fewer migraines and headaches, better sleep and more energy.

1. Less Inflammation in the Body
The Somavedic fights inflammation and patients who showed impaired red blood cell sedimentation (a sign of inflammation) showed significant improvement with a Somavedic.

2. Provide positive effects on cardiovascular and nervous systems
People with high blood pressure observed low blood pressure.
Respondents with low BP found their blood pressure rising to normal.
The positive effect on the nervous system improved psychological/mental well-being.
Length and quality of sleep had significantly improved.

3. Better sleep, energy and focus

 If your house is located in a geopathic zone or Hartmann line and Curry crossing with other geological disturbances such as groundwater or faults, these zones are causing geopathic stress, which is a form of permanent stress caused by noxious earth energies, affecting our health by constantly draining our life force, usually in the form of an increase in anxiety, insomnia, trembling and cramps. By mitigating the Geothermal and Hartman lines influence the quality of sleep had significantly improved for most Somavedic device users.
Dr. Ernst Hartmann provides evidence of the effects on human health in his book “The Disease as a localization problem”.
4. Creates the most bioavailable water

The Somavedic can structure water. What is structured water and why is it beneficial?
Structured (or hexagonal) water is the water that’s found in nature and in our cells. It’s the most bioavailable state of water. Our body is made up of 60-80%, and as our body ages, we lose structured water.  Why structured water is so important? Structured water might have optimal pH and healing benefits that are crucial to health and a specific power source that helps us stay hydrated.

5. The History Behind Somavedic and How It Works

Somavedic was founded ten years ago, and they are headquartered in the Czech Republic. The founder suffered from autoimmune conditions, and he wasn’t finding any answers to his problems. Somavedic is something he created to heal himself. Eventually, he started making them for friends and family; thus, his company was born. The company figured out all these different biomarkers that EMFs negatively affect, usually related to the stress response. EMFs can affect heart rate variability, blood pressure, and sleep. After that cellular degeneration from a mobile phone, if you replicate that within the field of the Somavedic, it helps your cells to regenerate and heal faster.

6. What To Know When Purchasing Your First Somavedic

For first-timers, I recommend getting the Vedic or the Amber. The Vedic is their most popular model, and it’s the most bang for your buck. It’s stronger for EMF, and it structures the water. The Amber is a little pricey but it’s even more potent than the Vedic. Harmony is excellent for someone who is driving an eclectic car. Once you have one in your home, you really notice its absence. 
Choose from several different models to suit your space and intention. They even have new tiny and portable models perfect for your small spaces, cars, and for on-the-go.

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