When Talking to Yourself, Whose Voice Are You Hearing?

For years, I was stuck in a harmful loop, constantly telling myself, “I am not good enough.”
Most of us struggle with some variation of the “I’m not good enough, I don’t deserve, I am not worthy” track playing in our heads. It's a powerful habit that can sabotage all your efforts to change or achieve anything!
This self-defeating mindset can prevent you from applying for your dream job, accepting a date, venturing into entrepreneurship, writing the book you’ve always wanted to, or even trying out a new hairstyle. The variations of "I'm not slim enough," "I'm not smart enough," or simply "not enough," are endless, and your mind likely knows exactly what your personal "not enough" is.

From Self-Doubt to Self-Love: My Journey of Transformation

Navigating the trendy seas of “Love yourself”, “Be yourself” and “Be happy” feels a bit like being handed a map without any directions. Everyone tells you where to go, but nobody shows you how to get there. So when someone tossed the “You have to love yourself more” advice my way a few years back, as my life seemed to veer off course, I was stumped. “But how?” I quizzed, genuinely puzzled. Their response? “The same way you love your children, or anyone truly dear to you.” 
Hmm, easier said than done, I thought.