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Take a look at your parents, your grandparents. Have you noticed that, as we age, our body compresses?

Yes! You hear me correctly- without collagen, as we age, our bodies compress. Your body relies on collagen for all kinds of health functions. By the way, collagen can have a very mild and positive detox effect on organs as well.

Collagen is restorable. You can add collagen into your body and it will be restored within your body. To benefit the body,  it's not as simple as “ I'm going to eat this” or “ I'm going to drink this”. Full matrix collagen is unique in this regard. It is so uniquely designed that it will work in all areas of your body. It will positively impact the look of your skin, your hair, your nails and how your body performs through restorable collagen.   What does collagen do? Of course, we've talked about a couple of these things, but collagen restores that structural matrix head to toe.  Both of our products, ReForm and ReBuild will restore the body. 

That kind of structural collagen is foundational and important to the body. It will help diminish visible signs of ageing by reducing lines, wrinkles, discolouration and it can also help minimize visible issues associated with sun damage, stretch marks and scars. With the use of the collagen supplement, we are able to support joint health and mobility. It is important to remember that collagen plays an important role in joint health and for the super active individual or athlete, collagen supports those who expect the body to operate at peak performance. 

This short video illustrates how collagen helps you can watch HERE.

I want to tell you what elements are most important in order to have a great collagen product.

What truly makes both of our collagen products superior is the liquid form. Liquid collagen is the most easily absorbed by the body. It's the most available to the body and it is the form of collagen that the body recognizes. 

The second thing is the molecule size: the size of the collagen peptide molecule matters.   The right size molecule will allow you to be able to fully utilize the collagen within the body.

 The next important thing is absorption because we know that absorption is the name of the game.  Absorption is one main thing that Q Sciences does exceptionally well.

Our collagen is Full Matrix Medical Grade Collagen

This is the same type of college that goes into a feeding tube for patients who are unable to feed themselves. This collagen is pure. It is highly, highly concentrated and it is life-sustaining. If someone cannot get collagen into their system, you can't survive in a critical care situation. You have to have bioavailable medical-grade collagen and that is what we use.

Now it's not enough to have super great collagen, but the support ingredients are important as well. You need some cofactors that really set your body up to take full advantage of the collagen supplement, but also how to kick start your own collagen production because your body makes collagen, but as you age, it makes less and less and less.

So the last two things are pretty important, multiple sources where the collagen comes from. So does it come from a cow? Does it come from a fish? Does it come from chicken? Q Sciences collagen uses more than one source. Q Sciences use two sources.             

The two sources that we use in both products are chicken sternal collagen, and bovine collagen, and I think some people wonder “what is bovine?” Bovine is a cow. So we took great care in sourcing these collagen types. They are both sourced in Europe where they have very high standards in terms of how the animals are cared for and treated, an important consideration when choosing our source. If we couldn't find a source that we believed was ethical and clean we would never make the product. . We're not sourcing random collagen from China. We can verify we know the address. We know the name of the farm, we know where it is. I know what town it is in Italy and these animals are treated very well.

Let’s talk about the multiple types of collagens because there are 16 types of collagens that are healthy for the human body. But there are just a few that are incredibly important, so if you run across another collagen and they're not listing multiple types of collagen you're not getting really full matrix collagen, which is what you want and what your body needs.

If the collagen you choose is from one source only, then you're not getting full matrix collagen. This is an important detail you need to check.

I talked about the fact that molecule size matters. Did you know that collagen in its original form is a big long fiber in your body?  It could be formed as gelatin, and that's really not going to do much good.   Let’s look at the size of the peptides and amino acids. Q Science collagen contains the size that your body needs in order for it to be able to fully utilize it.

We have hydrolyzed peptides in our collagen

What is hydrolyzed mean? It means that we have separated those amino acids such that your body can utilize them and we've put them into peptides, which is a really short chain of other amino acids. That is a perfect size and the perfect grouping for your body to take advantage of. So that's just a little more detail on how collagen size is important, because it's not just taking collagen, it's really important to make sure that you have those peptides and that they are hydrolyzed.

I want to introduce you to the dynamic duo we have Q reBuild and Q reForm.

Rebuild is designed for mobility, agility, muscle growth, fat loss. It is performance, collagen. Reformed- think about the word form. It allows you to reForm your body.

Both collagens have all of the structural collagen elements, so you get that full-body benefit. Regardless of which one you choose. One is more performance and one is more anti-aging.

 So when you focus on “reform”, think about reforming your body and reBuild is more like rebuilding your body.  Both Collagen products from Q support the whole body.

Let's take a closer look at the types we have.

If you take a look at the descriptions, what you'll find is that each type of collagen has a different purpose. Type I is stronger than steel, it is fibrous collagen, and that is your head-to-toe support. You'll find it in both products. It helps support all the tissues, bone, cartilage, the works, and it does play an important role in anti-ageing as well. And there is Type II. This is elastic collagen, that you will find primarily in the rebuild. This is elasticity for your joints. Your muscles’ mobility uses Type III.   That is muscle growth, athletic performance Type V is another fibrous collagen. This one is kind of unique because it really does a lot to help with eye health. There are some elements that we believe also help with protecting delicate organs, as well as your eyes. The last one, Type X, is what we call networking collagen, and that supports the foundation of your collagen matrix, which is everything head to toe. This is what we mean by the importance of multiple types of collagen.

Let's take a look at reForm. This is your head-to-toe anti-aging support. You can see the types of collagen peptides Type I, Type II, Type V and Type X. It has vitamins and minerals that support collagen uptake, but also support your body's ability to make its own collagen. We've added biotin for healthy hair, resveratrol which acts as an antioxidant, protecting the body against damage and helps with weight management. The great thing is that collagen can help regenerate collagen. Adding collagen to your daily supplement will benefit and help the skin look younger longer.

 In reBuild, you see a different set of collagen peptides. Those types are different. It also has vitamins and minerals. And we have added for performance reasons, as well as branched-chain amino acids. This helps you during exercise. Your body will respond quickly to your muscles and you will be able to workout longer and build muscle easier (and building muscle helps with fat loss)  Think about it this way. It's about strength and movement. Everything's connected your muscles, your joints, your tendons, they're all connected. If your muscle strength, what happens? You may have trouble with your knees or your hips or and that those are all things that happen as we age. That happens naturally, so if you can supplement the body to give it what it needs, it can help to do that heavy lifting and give your body back some of that strengthen needs from that fibrous collagen. We've also added some whey protein here to give it an extra boost. And lastly, glucosamine has been well documented to improve joint mobility so this truly is the full meal deal for someone who is athletic.

 You might have some burning questions and I would like to answer one of the most asked.

Q: How many grams of protein are in the product or how many grams of collagen?

We generally don't disclose that and it is not very important. Most powdered collagen relies on this. Will we have more grams than you do? It becomes a  war of serving size. If you are thinking this way you are missing the entire point because it's not the volume of collagen that your body needs. What it needs is the right collagen in the right format that your body can recognize and absorb. Our product is not a powdered collagen product and the results will be proof of how your body likes what you are feeding it.

Q: How do I take it?

You can take re Build in the morning or before your workout and reForm before bedtime(should you decide to take both).

reForm is the anti-ageing collagen and your body is doing the heavy lifting and regeneration while you sleep. And if you add collagen to the mix at that time, it will be fully utilized when your body is working to regenerate itself. Make you stay hydrated- water is important for optimal absorption. 

reBuild is a little more complex, so, if you are someone that works out and you do not use a whey protein supplement - take reBuild after your workout. If you do supplement with protein, take rebuild before your workout and your protein after workout reBuild. If you don’t work out just take it in the morning.

 Q: Can you overdose on collagen?

No. We have not seen upper limits of the amount of collagen someone can take safely. However, why would you? You only need one maybe 2 tablespoons a day to enjoy the full effect of collagen, so more sometimes isn't better and unnecessary.

 Q: Do I need to refrigerate the product?

 No, you do not. This is a highly concentrated product and there is very little water in it. I think it tastes better when it's refrigerated, but it is not necessary.

 If you have more questions please email me or call me at 519-590-2402

If you want to see before-after pictures go HERE

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