Experience Q reFORM and Q reBUILD Liquid Collagen Peptides

First, a harsh reality. There is no babbling brook or mythical spring guaranteed to help you rediscover your prime. Skin loses its elasticity, muscles and joints ache, and those pesky fat stores cling on for dear life.

No one plays the long game quite like Father Time.

But that doesn’t render us defenceless. One of the main culprits of ageing is a lack of collagen production. This plentiful protein is the framework for bones, skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and all connective tissues. When production slows, we droop where we used to stand firm and ache where we used to feel strong.

However, when your reflection reveals an ageing stranger staring back at you when you approach that crossroads of intellectual maturity and the early signs of physical decline, you can reFORM and reBUILD that framework and revive your youthful appearance and ageless energy.

1- Absorption Matters: What good is that pill, powder, or cream if it isn’t absorbed efficiently? Q reFORM and Q reBUILD have been designed with absorption in mind. As a liquid, Q Sciences’ collagen has been hydrolyzed with peptides that are perfectly sized for optimal absorption.

2- Highest Quality Ingredients: With the purity of medical grade collagen peptides made with the highest quality ingredients, Q reFORM and Q reBUILD go to work regenerating cell growth. You wouldn’t trust just anyone to when it comes to your hair, nails, and skin. That’s why we spared no expense when it comes to quality.

3- Best Ingredients in a Supporting Role: And the winners are…  Biotin for healthy hair support, Resveratrol for healthy cell regeneration, and Sodium Hyaluronate for supporting healthy, supple skin, making Q reFORM a must for any anti-ageing routine. Plus, Q reBUILD offers a host of BCAAs for athletic performance, Glucosamine and Chondroitin for joint and mobility support, and whey protein to support muscle growth and visibly improve muscle tone.

4- Pure Collagen Sources: We needed peptides from a variety of pure sources. That means cruelty-free collagen sourced from bovine and chicken sternum free from hormones, cholesterol, and yes even horse hooves.

5- Synergistic Blend of Various Collagen Types: Different types of collagen promote different types of anti-ageing benefits. Between Q reFORM and Q reBUILD, we included Type I for connective tissue support; Type II for elasticity and mobility; Type III for muscle growth and circulation; Type V for healthy eyes, hair, and nails; and Type X for a fully supported collagen matrix foundation.

This is the power of medical-grade liquid collagen with 4 types of collagen…with technology not available anywhere else.
Anti-ageing, increased hair growth (including eyelashes!), increased muscle growth and fat burning, improved joints and muscles.
Performance: increase lean muscle mass, fat reduction, joint health, enhanced agility & recovery
These pictures are from our Q ambassador who was chosen to beta test one of our new products! see more pictures 

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