Find out how to create the best skin routine for the glowing skin.

Creating a consistent skin routine is the key to healthy, beautiful skin.

It all adds up to a happier, healthier you. It is a pretty well-known fact that you will feel better when you look better. Having a daily skincare routine helps you to look your best and put your best foot forward when you go out into the world. 


It is soooo important to drink lots of water every day. Internal dehydration can result in headaches, dizzy spells, and it can also result in dry, chapped skin.

Drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of filtered water every day to help maintain the critical moisture balance of the body and skin, and assist in detoxification. 

Tip: If you drink caffeinated beverages, you must double the amount of water you drink!


What it does: Exfoliation removes dead skin debris to prevent congestion and improve hydration. Exfoliate in the morning

prior to toner, moisturizer, and makeup application. Make-up will last longer on an exfoliated skin!

Young Living's Satin Facial Scrub - Mint gently exfoliates the face to lift and remove dry, dead skin cells and reveal bright, even-looking skin


When you forget the sunscreen, don't apply enough, or get caught in a sunny spell, damage to your skin doesn't have to leave you suffering in pain. ClaraDerm and  LavaDerm™  Spray offer temporary relief from the pain and itching of minor burns, minor cuts, sunburns, scrapes, insect bites, and minor skin irritations, so your family can keep playing all day.


In the chilly months, your shower routine tends to get a little longer and a little hotter, but those are big factors that contribute to dry, not-so-pretty skin. Many dermatologists recommend taking shorter showers - less than five minutes - with lukewarm water to help minimize dry skin. Long hot showers are one of the worst things for dry skin!

After you shower, pat your skin dry (don't rub it dry) and moisturize immediately to lock in the moisture while your skin is still damp.

Infused with Lavender essential oil and other plant-based ingredients, Lavender Hand & Body Lotion moisturizes and protects the skin from overexposure for long-lasting hydration.


You can be sitting in the sweltering summer sun or getting refracted rays off snowy slopes—no matter how you're playing in the sunshine, one thing is vital: protecting your skin. Having a natural sunscreen you can count on means more fun outdoors without worrying about sunburn or the intrusion of toxic chemicals into your bloodstream. Young Living's mineral sunscreen not only protects your skin, but its natural formula also helps protect the earth. It also has the Skin Cancer Foundation's seal of approval for daily use.



 If you reach for a cup of coffee right when you wake up, you may not realize that your body will take much longer to rehydrate. At night we naturally dehydrate as we need to sweat and detox in our resting stage to reset for the next day. Reaching for a pH balancing drink will not only hydrate you but also naturally energize you. Get a glass of lukewarm water with freshly squeezed lemon juice and your bowels will regulate, your cravings won't stir to sugars and carbs, and you'll notice more stable energy. 


Free radicals cause damage to our skin and bodies. Fried foods, alcohol and pesticides generate free radicals. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals, like natural superheroes. Vitamin C is a popular antioxidant. There are many natural ingredients that contain antioxidants: Green Tea, Wolthberry Olive Leaf, Licorice Root, and Pomegranate, to name a few. Foods with antioxidants include dark chocolate, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and pecans. You can make your own juice or use NingXia Juice,  one of the most powerful antioxidants on the market.



We need 7 to 9 hours of restful sleep every night. Sleep is essential for our bodies to restore, rejuvenate and repair. Our skin produces new collagen when we sleep. It's like visiting the fountain of youth every night. Going to bed and waking up at consistent times helps with restful sleep. 

Washing your face removes the dirt and oils that accumulate and make your pores appear larger. You should wash your face when you wake up to remove the dirt and oils. Wash your face again before bed to remove makeup and grime from the day.  Use a gentle, natural face wash. Our ART Face Wash and Orange Blossom face wash for acne skin are naturally foams without harmful sulphates.  Toners are applied after the skin has been cleansed and before it is moisturized. Toners are designed to help restore the skin's pH level. pH levels indicate the acidity level of your skin. The pH scale runs from 0-14, and 7 is considered neutral, which is ideal for your skin. Toners also help to balance your skin, so it can better absorb your moisturizer and prepare it for the next step in your skincare routine. Young Living has one toner,  which comes from our popular ART Skincare System. 


Quality ingredients make quality products. Artificial, toxic ingredients should not be put on or in your body. There aren't many skincare regulations, and very few ingredients are banned.

Create healthy habits and disciplines, your skin is your organ and with being the biggest, comes a lot of responsibility. Whether it's providing a physical barrier between vital organs and the outside world or maintaining the moisture balance of the circulatory system, the importance of the skin cannot be overstated.


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