Studies show that almost 40% of Americans could be deficient in Vitamin B12. 
Vitamin B12 matters because it is so important for maintaining normal energy levels, red blood cell production, heart health, and hundreds of enzymatic reactions in the body.

Q B12 is formulated with 500 mcg of fully methylated vitamin B12 per serving
An innovative and effective way to supplement your vitamin B12 intake. This spray technology enhances bioavailability through sublingual absorption.
The sublingual delivery method gives you unparalleled bioavailability by protecting the delicate compounds from a breakdown in your digestive system, improving absorption, and delivering a potent dose of Vitamin B12.

Here are 3 reasons why you really really want to stock up on this special, patented formula...

1. B12 is the secret to easily and quickly boosting your energy, banishing brain fog, and balancing your mood.
Science proves that without enough B12 in your body, you’ll:
  • Feel tired, no matter how much sleep you get. Getting through those afternoon slumps is almost painful!
  • Suffer from brain fog and ‘senior moments’ (even if you’re not a senior!)
  • Feel irritable, have uncontrollable mood swings, or just feel down in the dumps
  • Feel cold, lightheaded, or notice tingling in your hands or feet, which could signal nerve damage!
  • Have dull, brittle hair and weak nails that crack easily. 
  • Notice your vision getting worse. 
  • B12 is essential for all of that – maximum energy, proper nerve development, balanced brain chemistry, and even good digestion and a healthy heart?
It’s true! Your body craves B12 to keep your nerves and cells healthy.
Bottom line— you NEED a highly absorbable B12 to feel and function at your best.
Even if you’re supplementing with an activated B complex vitamin, you still NEED this. And that’s because...
2. Most likely, you – along with 40% of Americans – are deficient in B12...and may even have dangerously low levels.
If you’re going nonstop and juggling too much (hello, just about every woman I know), then whatever B12 you do have in your body is going to get zapped pretty quickly. 
That’s because stress depletes B12 very rapidly.
Unfortunately, supplementing with your typical store bought B12 won’t help, especially if it’s in pill or tablet form...
B12 is a very fragile, water-soluble vitamin that’s no match for the strong acids in your digestive system.
Basically, only trace amounts of B12 are absorbed into your cells – you just pee out the rest, UNLESS...
You take fully methylated vitamin B12 spray - most bioavailable forms of the vitamin.
And you get the FULL effects and complete benefits from B12!
 3. Q Spray B12 is in methylcobalamin form, which is one of the purest, most bioavailable forms of the vitamin.

BEWARE: Many supplement manufacturers use cyanocobalamin, which is the cheap, synthetic form of B12.
You want to avoid cyanocobalamin because it breaks down in your body to produce cyanide, a known toxin with some nasty side effects:
Stomach pain, chest pain, coughing, wheezing, and difficulty swallowing. Yikes!
But the methyl groups (methylcobalamin) are fundamental to metabolism and so much more…
You’ll feel the difference immediately when you take that naturally occurring form of B12.
So read the label and make sure you’re getting what you pay for!
This is why I’m so confident in telling you that THIS is the world’s best B12.
If you want to try it for yourself, then now’s a perfect time…
Where can you buy it?
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