Hello and  Welcome to My Page 

Hi! I'm Urszula, and I am a mama of three children, one cat, and a wife to an amazing man.
I am a dedicated self-care mentor and EFT practitioner. My mission is to empower women to discover the healer within themselves, enabling them to reach their highest potential and live fulfilling lives. With a focus on holistic health, I guide individuals toward optimal well-being in mind, body, and spirit through EFT tapping, journaling, meditation, and transformative retreats.
I am also passionate about creating supportive tools such as affirmation cards, journals, and digital books. These resources are designed to help individuals on their self-love journey, fostering a life of gratitude and positivity. My own path, marked by both challenges and victories, has ignited a deep desire to inspire and uplift others through my experiences.
I believe in the transformative impact of a healthy mindset, practicing empowering habits, self-care, and self-love. Walking on the beach is my favorite activity, and I also enjoy biking and dancing. I am a strong advocate of natural living and non-toxic beauty.
There are many natural wellness experts, mentors, and coaches, but there is only one of me. I am proud and happy to be finally ME!

Designed to be ME is my new motto.

I am so glad you found me!
I help women create a life they design!


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