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Hello and  Welcome to my page 
Hi! I'm Urszula, and I am a mama of three children, one cat, and a wife to an amazing man.

I am also a sister, daughter, friend, entrepreneur, and lover of life. 

I am Polish-Canadian, living in Canada, loving the Dominican Republic, and Lake Huron beaches. Walking on the beach is my most favourite activity and I also like biking and dancing. I am a big advocate of natural living, non-toxic beauty and the Law of Attraction (LOA). There are many natural wellness experts, spiritual and LOA teachers, business coaches, and social media influencers. 

Still, there is only one of ME, and I am proud and happy to be finally ME !!!

Designed to be ME is my new motto.

 I help women create a life they design 

                                                      I'm so glad you found me!