4 Changes You’ll Notice When You Start Drinking More Water

 4 Changes You’ll Notice When You Start Drinking More WaterStructured Water: What You Must Know


Drinking water is something that I have created the habit of doing from my youngest days. It’s also something I instilled in my children, as the water was always the primary beverage in our home, outranking that of sugary sodas, artificial juices, or other drinks.

I just discovered a different kind of water and the importance of drinking good quality water during my trip to the Dominican this December.  The pH of the water that you drink is very important, as acidic water makes your body unbalanced and many bacteria and viruses thrive in acidic environments. Alkaline water is much better for you. Checking whether your water is acidic or alkaline is easy to do by using a pH water tester.

Another recent discovery of mine was that not only pH is important, but also the energy that water carries. When we drink structured water, we benefit from its energy. Think about it: You can have more energy in your body just by choosing water that has more energy in it. That is both simple and impactful. While physically reducing or removing contaminants does help some people feel better about the water they drink, bathe in, and cook with, it misses something that is much more important: the energy!

Traditional water filtration reduces or removes contaminants. While most filters reduce or remove a very small number of contaminants, they are typically able to remove the majority of chlorine. This is very important because removing chlorine improves taste and leaves the consumer with the illusion that their water has been purified.

When dealing with the world of energy, we can consider every type of toxin from a single viewpoint, since all toxins are energies, too. Structuring water causes a physical change (the hydrogen bonding angles), which causes an energetic change that allows all toxins to be neutralized.

Apart from satisfying my thirst, I noticed that the large amounts of structured water I was drinking was doing things to my body. Good things. They were side effects that not only could I live with, I realized I couldn’t live without! Now I drink 8  glasses of structured water a day and benefit from the following changes:

You’ll Have More Energy

  We live in a society where the first thing we reach for if we are feeling groggy is coffee. It’s true that caffeine has temporary energizing qualities, however, coffee and tea, both high in caffeine, are both diuretics. This means that instead of hydrating your body, they actually have the opposite effect. When we reach for water, we target dehydration, which in and of itself is a cause for fatigue. If you want an energy boost in the morning, scrap the cup of java and instead indulge in a nice glass of water. That’s why you’ll see me toting my water bottle with me to every meeting and even the shortest of trips.  I like to be “full of energy”  and water with a pinch of sea salt or Himalayan salt helps me maintain my levels throughout even the longest days.

Say Hello to Clearer Skin

Blemishes on your skin often form due to toxins in your body and come to the surface of the skin. When you drink a lot of structured water, you flush out these toxins before they have a chance to come up as a pimple and ruin your day. There are more benefits to this simple detox than clearer skin, but this is an easily noticeable result that a simple increase in water levels can help with.


Battle Cravings

Our bodies are smart and efficient machines, however, sometimes there’s a disconnect between our brains and our behaviour. We are so overstimulated in the daily lives that we often confuse signals our bodies send us. It’s quite normal for many people to treat their thirst with sweet or fat-filled snacks instead of water. Even if you are mindful enough to really get your thirst signals right, don’t satisfy them with sugary drinks or sodas. Even if they do replenish your liquid levels, they also increase your insulin level and calorie intake. Water is the one healthy drink you can count on to suppress your cravings in a healthy way. 

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More Efficient Digestion

Though many of us don’t like admitting to it publicly, we have problems maintaining regularity in our digestion. Drinking lots of water helps your body in breaking down the food you ingest, reducing bloating and discomfort. This is something that many of us struggle with when travelling as well when our regular routines are altered and our bodies have a hard time keeping up with its new surroundings. I have found that bringing the Cobalt Portable and Showerhead with me to the Dominican helped me keep my hydration levels up without having to worry about the quality of the water in the taps there.


Getting into the habit of drinking the prescribed eight glasses of water can be hard at first. Everyone has their own way of motivating themselves, from installing helpful apps on their phones, buying interesting bottles, or infusing their water with tasty natural flavours. For me, the change was certainly fueled by the improvement in natural flavour I got by installing a Jivara Home Water Energizer in my new house.


Let me know how you see your life transform when you start drinking more water!


You can find out more about structured water here and shop it here.