Countless people suffer from skin issues. Sometimes it seems that no matter what skincare you use, how many times you go to the dermatologist, and how clean you eat, pimples still magically appear.
Breakouts are upsetting and stressful to deal with. Our skin health is often a reflection of our internal health, especially when it comes to issues with our gut. If your gut health is in bad shape, it can affect your skin.
When it comes to clear, healthy skin, the key is being patient, and a lot of trial and error. Something you may not have tried to help your skin is collagen supplements. Collagen production is responsible for skin elasticity. All skin types can benefit from collagen supplements. There are many different types, such as hydrolyzed collagen, collagen peptides, collagen powder, liquid collagen, and more. This means there are plenty of varieties for you to try and see what works for you. I did try a few of them and I have to say, I never had such amazing results. I see great improvement in my skin firmness and texture but what I noticed is also a big improvement on my clients with acne and rosacea. 
Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body, and it's made with chains of amino acids. Once we pass our 20's, our natural production begins to decline. This is why we start to see signs of ageing. If you haven't tried collagen yet, it could be what you need to get your skin on track. Read on to learn about collagen and if it affects acne. 
Collagen, especially peptides collagen, can do wonders for your skin, even beyond acne. From skin hydration to anti-ageing concerns, collagen supplements can tackle most issues. 
For example, collagen can help hydrate the skin and repair damage caused by dehydration/dryness.
When our skin is dry, we often produce more oil to try and compensate for the dryness. More oil and more sebum mean more acne! Similarly, when we have pimples, we tend to use harsh products that dry out all of our skin rather than just the intended bumps.
If collagen helps to hydrate your skin and normalize its oil production, your skin will be well hydrated and as a result, your acne could clear up. It also can depend on what else is in your collagen product, if anything.
Perhaps there are some other beauty-boosting ingredients such as turmeric, vitamin C, or vitamin A. These are known as anti-inflammatories and huge components of helping skin become clear and beautiful. These ingredients could be working with or without the collagen to help clear up your acne.


Acne is one of the trickiest and hardest skin-related issues to deal with. Acne can be hormonal, relating to puberty, birth control, or uneven hormone levels. These varying hormonal issues will all be treated differently.
It could also be related to your diet. There may be a specific food, such as dairy, that causing your pores to clog and result in acne. In this case, you would likely be able to clear your acne up by changing your diet.
It could also be the products you're using, which is something you would discuss with your dermatologist or esthetician. 
You want to try and use very calming products to help keep inflammation at bay. Taking supplements like turmeric may also be helpful, as turmeric is one of the greatest anti-inflammatories you can put in your body.
Remember, what works for one person may not work for another or you. With patience and proper diet and skin care, your skin will be glowing before you know it.
Acne is an inflammatory skin disorder that can have multiple causes and multiple triggers. Hormone imbalances, allergies, stress, certain drugs, nutritional deficiencies, poor dietary habits, use of makeup, over washing of the skin can all play a role in acne. The skin is the largest organ in the body and has a role in detoxifying the body.
 If the body contains more toxins than the liver and kidneys can effectively eliminate, the skin takes over. As toxins escape through the skin, the skin’s healthy integrity is disrupted. 
Just a few from the list are sauger, dairy and processed food. This type of food can inflame acne-prone skin, causing oil production and excess sebum. Your diet plays a huge role in your skin health. Some people claim eating vegan, making bone broth, and taking probiotics have helped their acne clear up. Eating anti-inflammatory foods like turmeric and green leafy vegetables can help calm skin down and give it a boost of antioxidants.
My team member on the picture was taking Q CORE for a while, which is a packet with turmeric and other ingredients that help with inflammation. When she added collagen reform her results are amazing. Our collagen contains not only 4 peptides but also vitamins and minerals for supporting collagen production, uptake, and absorption.   
A successful acne treatment protocol needs to address the multiple contributing factors to the development of acne. 
In my studio, I have a protocol for my acne patience depending on the age and type of acne.
 Collagen and Q Core are part of my microcurrent and acupuncture treatment packages. 
Our protocol includes:
1. Diet change suggestions/plan
2. Adding supplements:
CLEAN SKINCARE products - free from parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, and other harmful ingredients. 
ALWAYS check the label.
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